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Rhyming Confession
I'm not really sure how to explain
These feelings I get when I hear your name.
To tell you the truth, they drive me insane
                                          And I'm not really sure what to do.
I've known you for ages, so why is it now
When I hear your voice, my heart beats so loud?
Why do I feel like I'm walking on clouds
                                          Simply by just being near you?
Why do I write my emotions with rhymes?
It seems like a cheesy waste of my time.
But you are so unique, and truly sublime,
                                          I felt that a poem was fitting.
You see, I find your mind truly remarkable.
Your willingness to speak up, highly ad
:iconarty-kyn:Arty-Kyn 4 1
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In Your Eyes
Those eyes I've known for years and years – why is it only now I see them?
The way they glow in the evening light – like the sun setting over the ocean.
A deep, deep ocean of so many mysteries – some I’ll discover and some I’ll never know
When I find myself drowning within them, why is it that time seems to suddenly slow?
It’s as though the world is finally perfect, no more pain, no more lies…
How do I explain these emotions I feel when I gaze into those hypnotic eyes?
:iconarty-kyn:Arty-Kyn 6 2
Palmy by Arty-Kyn Palmy :iconarty-kyn:Arty-Kyn 11 0 A Flower For You by Arty-Kyn A Flower For You :iconarty-kyn:Arty-Kyn 18 2
Live Beyond
Ashes to Ashes
That’s how it goes
Everything fades
As fast as it grows
Dust to Dust
All must end
No exceptions; and on that
You may always depend
Atoms to Atoms
That’s all we are
We’re only remains
Of a fallen star
Ideas to Ideas
That’s how we live on
Regardless of losses
We all must move on
Heart to Heart
Bright futures wait
But not when we constantly
Worry of fate
Love to Love
Live all you can
Don’t be so uptight
Don’t follow a plan
Heart to Heart
Our spirit lives on
In those we inspire
Long after we’re gone
Ideas to Ideas
Share what you know
And don’t be afraid
To learn to let go
Atoms to Atoms
Yet we’re more than we think
We’re all connected
We are all linked
Dust to Dust
Savor the joy
And relieve other’s pain
Life’s not a toy
Ashes to Ashes
But don’t be sad
The good things may fade
But so do the bad
:iconarty-kyn:Arty-Kyn 7 2
Weeping for my Love by Arty-Kyn Weeping for my Love :iconarty-kyn:Arty-Kyn 6 1 Artsy Arty by Arty-Kyn Artsy Arty :iconarty-kyn:Arty-Kyn 1 1




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United States
What you get out of life is all about what you put into it. Work hard for your dreams and what you believe in, and don't let anyone stand in your way.
Life is what you make it.
So I felt like giving everybody a random update.

No I don't really have anything of importance to mention. I just felt like writing a new journal entry. Because I'm sitting at my university library right now with a couple friends and I got bored. So here's a random journal entry.

I've been working on a lyric poem for the last couple months and I just finished it. I'm hoping to add a tune to it and maybe post it later to youtube. So that's something. I've only shown it to one friend so far and he said he liked and agreed with what it was saying (it's sort of a public service announcement put in the form of a poem). But yeah so I'll be messing with musical stuff soon enough.

Oh and I've slowly started getting a bit more acquainted with tumblr. I have a list of things to add to it eventually. Oh, and when I finally start posting my Sigmax Chronicles to the web, I'll probably queue them to tumblr. I'll upload them to deviantart, too, but chances are the comics will get to tumblr first since there is a queue option and so I won't have to remember logging in to post them.

I kind of wish more people would put random "ask" things in my inbox because it would give me a chance to draw random stuff to answer with. Ah well. I guess I have to have lots of followers before I start getting "asks."

Not much else to really comment on. Y'all will hear from me when y'all hear from me, I guess. Cheers.


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Sonicthevampire411 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hiya, I'm currently having a contest and i was hoping you could ether join in or advertise it or both. 
Arty-Kyn Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Why, certainly :) I'll advertise it in a journal entry. And if I find the time in the next week, I'll take a crack at entering!
Sonicthevampire411 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
ok, ty
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thank you for the fav :)
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happy DA B-day :3 
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Thanks for this Fav done in 3D
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